Structural aspects of Fukaya categories, Harvard University, May 12-15, 2020


Mohammed Abouzaid
Nate Bottman
Georgios Dimitroglou-Rizell
Andrew Hanlon
Kristen Hendricks
Xin Jin
Ailsa Keating
Yoosik Kim
Tim Large
Noémie Legout
Yankı Lekili
John Pardon
Semon Rezchikov
Zack Sylvan
Alex Takeda
Umut Varolgunes

Organizers: D. Auroux, P. Seidel

This four-day workshop will take place at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) on May 12-15, 2020. This event is organized and supported by the Simons Collaboration on Homological Mirror Symmetry, with the assistance of the staff of the Harvard University Department of Mathematics.

Venue and practical information

The workshop will take place on the Harvard University campus (Science Center Room 507). We are planning for four days of talks.

More information about registration and funding will be provided at a later date. Hotel reservations will be made for speakers; other participants will need to arrange their own accommodation.